HTS Delivers with a win at the Liquor Commission
HTS Delivers with a win at the Liquor Commission

Hospitality Total Services (HTS) is proud to announce our successful appeal at the Liquor Commission for Iluka Plaza Cellars. The journey began with Planbig Investments Pty Ltd’s (part of the Shah Group) application for a Liquor Store Licence under the Liquor Control Act 1988, destined for the Iluka Plaza Shopping Centre.

Despite the initial refusal by the Director of Liquor Licensing, HTS diligently progressed the application through meticulous documentation, including a Public Interest Assessment and engaging in community consultation. The decision was reviewed, and the application was conditionally granted.

This success underscores HTS’s commitment to navigating complex licensing requirements, highlighting our capacity to align client goals with the public interest and statutory requirements. The new boutique liquor store in the Iluka Plaza Shopping Centre enhances the shopping experience with its diverse range of products, catering to the contemporary requirements of the locality.

This success not only adds to the convenience and amenity of the Iluka Plaza but also represents HTS’s expertise in blending strategic planning with community engagement, reinforcing our position as a leader in liquor licensing advisory services​​​​.—iluka-plaza-cellars—21-3114—determination.pdf?sfvrsn=bf00b907_0