Hillarys Beach Club
Hillarys Beach Club

Project: Hillarys Beach Club

Management and Design Consultancy Services by HTS

Opening December 2023

Hillarys Beach Club is set to open its doors at Pinnaroo Point in Hillarys ready for the summer of 2023. The hospitality venue will be home to a diverse mix of uses, including a coffee kiosk, café, casual dining and function space on the ground floor , with the first floor offering a lounge bar, elevated dining and a large alfresco area, all with unrestricted 180 degree spectacular ocean views.

Crafted by Hospitality Total Services

From its initial stage in 2013 with the City of Joondalup’s expression of interest, Hospitality Total Services (HTS) representing industry legends Tim & Claire Leech of White Salt Sorrento have been at the forefront of the Hillarys Beach Club project. Our journey has encompassed every stage, from council negotiations, envisioning and concept creation, through design refinement and approvals, with the orchestration of our dedicated inhouse design team through the working drawings phase, and project management throughout the construction and now fitout process.

Elevating Design Principles for an Exceptional Experience

“Design is not just appearance; it’s the fusion of function, emotion, and harmonious integration with the environment to deliver a lasting guest experience.” – HTS Design Team

Immersive Ambience

HTS designers identified that the seamless guest experience was paramount to this project. With this in mind, we meticulously crafted the design to guide patrons from a relaxed and convenient experience on the ground floor to a more refined and serene ambience on the upper level.

Optimizing Flow

A harmonious operational flow is the heartbeat of any successful hospitality development. By thoughtfully addressing the logistics of back-of-house areas like kitchens, bars, storage, and utilities, we ensured efficient delivery of services across the kiosk, café, restaurant, bar, and function areas. This fluidity maximizes the venue’s versatility while optimizing the floor space and staff resources.

Working with Nature

Set in one of the world’s windiest cities, positioning a two-story building adjacent to our sandy shores required innovative design considerations. Through close collaboration with architects, acoustic, and structural engineers, HTS developed a unique wind-shielding feature installation that disperses the sea breeze, creating a year-round alfresco haven. Panoramic awning windows along the western façade harness the ocean breeze, providing natural cooling while preserving uninterrupted views.

Acknowledging Our Partners in Success

HTS extends heartfelt gratitude to the visionary contributors who shaped the Hillarys Beach founders Club Project:

  • White Salt: Tim & Claire Leech of the development.
  • City of Joondalup: Pioneering the project’s necessity from the outset.
  • Sandgate (WA) Pty Ltd: Initiators and developers of the Hillarys Beach Club, Tim and Claire Leech, partnered with Sandgate’s Derrick D’Souza and Mario Sequeira to bring their dream into existence.
  • Hillarys Beach Club (WA): Operators of Hillarys Beach Club, passionate hospitality professionals Ryan and Nikki Esqulant, along with their adept interior fit out team.
  • SPH: Architects spearheading the building permit and coordinate design documentation.
  • Services Consultant Team: The extensive network of service consultants, site supervisors, tradespeople, and suppliers who propelled the Hillarys Beach Club vision into reality.

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