Australian Construction Codes & National Standards
Australian Construction Codes & National Standards

While many focus on their idea as the key to their business concepts success, they do not consider the dictating factors that influence the delivery of that idea to market. Too often great ideas morph into a watered down version of the original as the concept has to adapt to the governing bodies to ensure they comply. If you have a great idea, ask yourself:

  • What are the BCA and local government requirements for my idea, such as access and egress, kitchen fire and safety, emergency compliance, building classification requirements and limitations, spatial allocation, waste management or heritage encumbrance?
  • Does the equipment I’m planning on using meet all Australian Health and Food Safety Standards as well as all the Design and conformance requirements?
  • Will my idea be road blocked because I haven’t considered all the options?

HTS has assisted transforming many of these ideas by diligently addressing these points to ensure the business goals are achievable and sustainable.

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