Ryan Lambson

Ryan joined Hospitality Total Services to lead our liquor licensing service, assisting with:

  • Public Interest Assessments
  • Business Reviews
  • Operations Management
  • Development Approval Applications
  • Liquor Licensing Applications – Hotels, Taverns, Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Removal, Special Facility License, Add- Vary, Extended Trading Permits and Alt-Redefinition applications.

Ryan’s previous professional experience has been long and diverse in a variety of hospitality positions, from events coordination, to cocktail barman in the Caribbean,  brand ambassador and liquor sales, as well as head chef and owner operator from Perth, South Africa, and across the world.

  • Running front of house operations from high end restaurants to quick service food outlets
  • Operating as a Head Chef, managing procurement, cost of goods, and menu’s to suit food trends and customer purchase habits.
  • Lead improvements in waste management and kitchen procedures
  • Owner and operator of a Gastro pub in Perth for over 5 years
  • Experience running events – from small private meetings to large events of up to 150 people
  • Organising and managing teams of up to 100 staff
  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for restaurants, cafes, quick service food outlets, bars, functions centres and off-site events in a variety of locations
  • Reviewing all aspects of hospitality businesses to ensure best practice principles are observed
  • Training, performance managing and salary reviewing staff and managers
  • Working within organisations to realise KPI’s and other results driven indicators
  • Establishing and reducing baseline costing factors for hospitality businesses such as wages, cost of goods, variable outgoings, gross and net profit, cost benefit analysis and workflow productivity modelling