Hospitality Total Services helps deliver Hillarys Beach Club
Hospitality Total Services helps deliver Hillarys Beach Club


Hospitality Total Services (HTS) is thrilled to unveil Hillarys Beach Club, a testament to our perseverance and our commitment to excellence. The ten-year journey has culminated in the creation of an amazing beachside venue.



Key Milestones achieved by HTS:

  1. Expression of Interest: Our collaboration with Tim and Claire Leech of White Salt, Sorrento crafted a vision into reality.
  2. Council Liaison: A smooth collaboration with the City of Joondalup, ensuring efficient navigation through regulatory processes.
  3. Innovative Design: From initial Concepts to the Development Application (DA), HTS creatively designed every aspect for a memorable experience at this coastal location.
  4. Navigating the Developmental Approvals (DA): Collaborating with the City of Joondalup and the Western Australian Planning Commission, we achieved a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality to offer a diverse amenity.
  5. Liquor Licensing: We worked closely with the local and state authorities including the WA Police and Chief Health Officer to deliver a safe premises in the public interest.
  6. Project Management: Ensuring every detail aligns with high standards, HTS project managed the construction of the venue.
  7. Pre-opening Approvals: HTS diligently obtained all of the necessary approvals, to ensure the timely opening pre Christmas.

Hillarys Beach Club is more than a destination; it is an experience. Modern elegance blends seamlessly with the natural coastal beauty of azure skies meeting the tranquil sea. This is where memories are made and the spirit of Western Australia shines brightest.