Make a difference, for a better world
Make a difference, for a better world

As 2018 ramps up there is a sense of optimism in the air that the West Australian, Australian and even global economy is working towards a more stable, sustainable and progressive future.

Our team at HTS began this year by establishing our outlook for 2018, with our core aim being to add value to our community. By integrating the following key aspects into our business, we aim to gain a higher sense of purpose in everything we do:

  • Reduce Wastage: 1 million tonnes of food waste is disposed of by Australian businesses each year, as foodservice designers our focus is to assist businesses in reducing their food waste by introducing them to innovative new technology and advanced equipment, improving standard operating procedures and processes, and assisting with menu engineering and food production processes.
  • Have a conscious consideration for the environment: Our internal and external actions have both immediate and long term impact on our local, and global environments. Externally, the equipment we specify and the energy efficiency of the spaces we design impact the demand on resources into the future.
  • Assist others in adding value to the community: Our hospitality industry here in Perth is continuing to progress and grow, with the businesses who thrive interested more in making a difference. HTS embraces these businesses and welcomes the challenges that will improve our communities and add value to everyone’s future- be it social, environmental, local, national or global, our role as consultants is to not only assist but to add value through our involvement in any project.


Over the festive period, our Director Mario went on a Mission to Myanmar to assist those less fortunate than ourselves. With the support and generosity of the Perth community the mission donated clothing and supplies to the children and elderly, and more importantly their time, helping to make the world a better place.

The gratitude of the destitute and orphaned children remind us that the key to true happiness does not lie within possessions or material things, and that the core essence of their happiness is their appreciation for having the basic physiological needs of life, food, water and shelter, and the opportunity to feel safe. To see more about Mario’s mission to Myanmar click here.


Showing support for the community can be easy, simple and fun for your employees, which reinforces the relationship you have with them. Here are three ways to give back as a hospitality business.

  • Donate Unused Food to a Local Food Bank: Your business can cut down on waste and help those in need by committing to donate food you would otherwise dispose of to local food bank charities. Most of these charities will come directly to you, so you can give without hassle. If you would like to know more contact Ozharvest WA (based in East Perth) on (08) 6500 6450 or email


  • Host Events for Disadvantaged Communities: Many Australians will not have the opportunity dine out, and eating meals made with local or high-quality ingredients is a luxury for many. You can give groups that are disadvantaged the opportunity to enjoy a special. Your staff will have the opportunity to serve those in need, which can help them get more involved in charitable causes themselves and for your restaurant.


  • Serve at a Soup Kitchen: Organising a volunteer event for your hospitality staff can have a profound impact on your team and on your business. Participating in an event where you serve those in need as a team helps strengthen bonds among staff, which translates to better service within your business.

If you would like to contact us to discuss how HTS can assist you in adding value to your business, click here.